May 26, 2018

AMA: Executives, much like many of us, I've experienced burnout and stress. Let's have a conversation.

Michael Levitt: Great question! I unload all my work on to my assistant, lol.   Seriously though, I use Google calendar to schedule the various aspects of running , which allows me to working on those things.  The blogs and podcasts have been…

Matt Rosenblum, CEO of Advanced Life Coch Marketing, Marketing Consultant/Coach for Life Coaches AMA.

Matt Rosenblum: There are more life coaches now and more businesses in general now over the internet. Simply creating a blog and cross-posting to social media is no longer enough. Life coaches who succeed use sophisticated marketing methods such as niche marketing, …

We are Richard & Yunkai, co-founders of, the first ever completely AI augmented hiring & career companion and Senior ex-Google Engineering Leaders! Ask us Anything!

Richard & Yunkai I learned how to build scalable AI system at Google, and it's drastically different from what's been taught at universities. The knowledge only comes from real industry experience of building real-life AI systems. At school, AI is being taught as alg…

I'm Bryan Vargas, CEO of LiqCures, an online platform coming this summer to New Jersey that will allow users to get alcohol delivered to their homes or set aside for pickup from local liquor stores nearby. Ask me anything!

Bryan Vargas: So, it will cost a customer $0 to use LiqCures. We don't charge customers anything to use the service, so any delivery fees you may see are coming straight from our store partners in order to support their staff. Delivery fees and delivery minimums w…

Janessa White AMA - CEO of Simply Eloped.

simplyeloped: Thanks Kala :)Yeah, it's a pretty even mix between first time weddings and people who have been married previously. 

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