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Umeh Augustine
Nov 12, 2017

Umehwrites media offers creative publicity on social media. With years of experience and satisfied clients, we continue to create a mark in the digital media space.

We use digital and social media platforms to reach vast or targeted audience.

With over 1 million reach on twitter, over 500,000 reach on Facebook,  blogs (NG Papers) influential handles on instagram, BBM/WhatsApp blast, Email blast, phone numbet blast, Search engine optimization SEO, and more, we influence and get your event, goods, service etc in front of people who may be interested in what you have to offer.  

We have worked with major brands, companies and individuals who appreciate and are satisfied with our service, and also return as well as refer people to us.

Working with UmehWrites media is a sure way of getting your social media needs solved. 

Contact details :

Email: Umehoma@gmail.com

Phone: +2347065139669.


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Nov 13, 7:40AM EST0

Can you recommend me webseit about this topic?

Nov 12, 7:10AM EST0

Do I need to constantly create new content?

Nov 11, 4:30AM EST0

Hello Ivy, you must have heard the slogan "Content is key". Yes you need to keep creating new and interesting content in other to stay relevant, pass out your views and points and update your space. 


Nov 11, 8:06AM EST0

Is YouTube important for marketing?

Nov 11, 3:43AM EST0

Whatever you know will add value to what you're doing please do. Youtube is important if you are doing videos, but does not mean it's  compulsory. 

Some people use instagram for their videos, but if your video content is more that a minute then you may want to extend it to Youtube.  So look at what works for you and apply it.

Nov 11, 8:09AM EST0

Can social media marketing really help my business?

Nov 10, 8:20PM EST0

Yes. Every business is moving online and if you don't jojn the trend you're lagging  behind. Hire a pro who can help you or do it yourself if you can..

Nov 11, 8:10AM EST0

Do I need to send an email newsletter?

Nov 10, 7:49PM EST0

If you constantly release updates on a a frequent basis then you may want to do that. It will help subscribers get info on what you just released. I do that with my website http://www.ngpapers.com.ng

Nov 11, 8:11AM EST0

Is outreach an important part of social media marketing?

Nov 10, 3:38PM EST0

Social media it's self is you trying to reach people, so yes it is. 

Nov 11, 8:12AM EST0

Does my company really need a blog for social media marketing?

Nov 10, 3:03PM EST0

It is an option that can help yur company. Most company websites now have blogs imbibed in them, so as you create your company website, have a blog attached to it where you can market what your company has to offer. 

Nov 11, 8:14AM EST0

How much does social media marketing cost? What’s the ROI?

Nov 10, 1:41PM EST0

It all depends on your planned budget. It can cos little or millions of dollars if you are willing to spend that much. 

On Return on investment, there is no particular percentage but if effectively dine can be very productive. 

Nov 11, 8:16AM EST0

How should I get started with content marketing?

Nov 10, 1:23PM EST0

Know what you want to market. Write about it or hire a Pro to do so. Disperse to targeted or general public. 

Nov 11, 8:17AM EST0

what kind of marketing 

Nov 13, 7:39AM EST0

What is content marketing exactly?

Nov 10, 12:09PM EST0

Basically marketing your content on social media. 

Nov 11, 8:17AM EST0

Which social media platforms should my business have a presence on?

Nov 10, 11:47AM EST0

You may have to try to be on all the major social media platforms, but Look at what works for your business and focus on it.  Depending non the  type of business, some social media platforms will be better, but it doesn't mean others should be ignored. 

Nov 11, 8:19AM EST0

What qualifies as content?

Nov 10, 10:55AM EST0

If it effectively talks about your business ad higheights  it in a way that it pitches it to your prospective client, then it's  content. 

Last edited @ Nov 11, 8:20AM EST.
Nov 11, 8:20AM EST0

Is email marketing still effective?

Nov 10, 9:34AM EST0

Yes very well! But you have to target people who will be interested in your offer /business /service etc for it to be more effective. 

Nov 11, 8:21AM EST0

What are some general tips for social media success?

Nov 10, 9:06AM EST0

Create quality content, grow your online presence, communicate with customers. 

Nov 11, 8:22AM EST0

Isn’t social media marketing taking the place of email marketing?

Nov 10, 8:44AM EST0

One of the cores of digital marketing is email marketing. Just like Twitter can exist as well as  instagram,  they all work hand in hand to serve their purpose. 

Nov 11, 8:23AM EST0

What type of social media content converts best?

Nov 10, 8:14AM EST0

The type that is engaging and passessment the required message. 

Nov 11, 8:24AM EST0

How often should I post fresh content on my site?

Nov 10, 8:10AM EST0

Depends on your type of business. Just post as often as you have great content. Just make sure not to be seen as spam. 

Nov 11, 8:25AM EST0

How should companies measure their social media marketing success?

Nov 10, 7:36AM EST0

Here are some tools out there. U can use reach, engagement, response, sales, etc.

Nov 11, 8:26AM EST0

What are the benefits of social media marketing for my company?

Nov 10, 6:54AM EST0

We are in a digital world and social.media marketing puts your business in front of people on a daily basis.  

Nov 11, 8:27AM EST0

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