Bring Your Questions and AMA a successful CEO! Building Businesses from Startup to Stardom - Sacha Brant, CEO of Sassy Lasses.

Sacha Brant
May 10, 2018

My name is Sacha Brant, owner of Sassy Lasses and developer of many brands and websites, including

My business developed as a direct result of poor treatment in the corporate world and a desperately abusive relationship. When I broke free from both, I nearly lost the will to live.

Starting a business allowed me to provide for myself as well as test the limits of my capabilities. 

Now, I use my business as a means to help others break free. It's both a passion and pleasure. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done and the most rewarding.

If you or someone you know is considering embarking on the exciting journey we call Entrepreneurship, now's your chance to learn and #AskMeAnything!


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How do you or other leaders in your organization communicate the “core values”?
May 17, 1:37PM EDT0

It's inherent in everything we do. We value integrity and quality above all else. The most important and effective way for me to communicate these values is to exemplify them. We are a team and therefore all equally responsible to our values, and I ensure that they see it in me - always.

May 17, 2:45PM EDT0
How do you help a new employee understand the culture of your organization?
May 17, 2:28AM EDT1

Fantastic question. We start by explaining expectations early in the hiring process. We strive to only hire those who are already representing our core values, so it's not something they need to force. After that, it's a lead by example situation. I work with them and teach them how to best communicate, our processes, and ensure they know my door is always open.

May 17, 2:43PM EDT0
What is one mistake you witness leaders making more frequently than others?
May 16, 8:11AM EDT1

I'll give you two! 

First - Spending money, time and resources chasing after trends and fads. It's more important to develop a rapport with your audience,  truly know what they want and give it to them. 

Second - Not asking for help. There are so many out there like me; Individuals that delight in and are restored by helping others. Don't be afraid to reach out! We succeed together. 

May 16, 9:00PM EDT0
Which is most important to your organization—mission, core values or vision?
May 16, 5:29AM EDT1

We believe they are interconnected - no one thing more important than the other because they all carry an equally heavy weight. It's not only about having these things, however, but constantly upholding and sharing them with your audience. 

May 16, 8:57PM EDT0

Tell me a story about a client you helped, where they were when you met them, where they are now, and the role you played! Also, I love your look!

May 15, 3:38PM EDT1

You've got a pretty great look going too, and thank you for the great question. I have many stories I could tell because I'm in the business of helping people make their dreams come true. My favourite story is of a local business owner (Kitimat BC) whom, when I met, had nearly given up on her small business. Over time, I helped her build a new brand and website, take on training and mentoring others, and now she's moving to opening a physical location locally to boost economic growth. You can read her testimony here. 

May 15, 7:03PM EDT0
What is your long-term plans to develop your business into a sustainable business model?
May 14, 9:59PM EDT1

Diversification. While I know small business owners will always need help, we intend to spread our support net out further to include things like mental health. 

May 15, 6:59PM EDT0

What was your most difficult part of attracting new customers? Especially in the initial stages.How did you solve these problems?

May 14, 9:15PM EDT0

For us, like many we assist now, building credibility can be rough. We solved it by finding tasks in our zone of genius that we could do quickly and extremely effectively. We gave it away in exchange for honest reviews and referrals, and have been growing since. 

May 15, 6:58PM EDT0
How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?
May 14, 7:59PM EDT1

The next 2 years are about profitability, and expansion in our local market. We are located in an area that we feel, as a company, we can help stimulate economic growth!

May 14, 9:02PM EDT0
How did you come up with such a quirky name " SassyLasses?
May 14, 4:19AM EDT1

I've got a big mouth and big personality. My nickname has always been sassy so it was a logical progression for me to incorporate Sassy into my brand.

Last edited @ May 14, 9:03PM EDT.
May 14, 1:48PM EDT0
How much should a businessman capitalize his/her business with at the beginning?
May 14, 12:02AM EDT1

We recommend a minimum of 3 months of living expense for those wanting to jump in full-time with their own business.

May 14, 1:46PM EDT0
How can a new entrepreneur get a venture capitalist to pay attention to their business?
May 13, 9:16PM EDT0

Be disruptive . Find a means to highlight your zone of genuis within their daily scope. Get in front of them and keep yourself there until they acknowledge you.

May 14, 1:45PM EDT0
What type of music do you like to listen to and why?
May 13, 12:26PM EDT1

Everything except country. Different styles of music inspire different moods and encourage different skill set. Gotta have the right tunes for the job.

May 14, 1:43PM EDT0
What is the right way to put the skills and abilities of your staff to work so they can perform their jobs in a more productive and happy way?
May 11, 2:09PM EDT1

We always place employees to work in their zone of genius. If there are tasks that's not in anyone's zone, we hire more.

May 14, 1:42PM EDT0

So many amazing questions - thank you all!!

May 10, 7:16PM EDT0
What have you discovered about yourself throughout the experience of being an employee to a business owner?
May 10, 5:49PM EDT1

GREAT question!! More than anything, I've had to become very clear on who I am. and who I am as a business owner, to start to see success. No more masks - the audience wants all me all the time, so I've had to learn how to give of myself freely.

May 10, 7:15PM EDT0
From all the services Sassy Lasses offers, which one is your favorite and why?
May 10, 3:42PM EDT1

I LOVE training people. Anything that involves helping others learn how to do things themselves make me feel just as empowered. For that reason, I truly ADORE my DIY training sessions and working with new business owners getting ready for launch. 

May 10, 4:05PM EDT0

How do you stay motivated and positive when business is down?

May 10, 3:30PM EDT1

Joel, it's not easy. You literally have to commit to, and put effort into, staying positive. The things I find most helpful - taking action, self-care, peer support. Above all else, if you try something and fail, try something different. Rinse repeat, eventually, you WILL get there. 

May 10, 4:01PM EDT0

How good is twitter for lead generation? How should one approach people on twitter and is it different from other socials (and how)? Is it better to tweet to or to message?

May 10, 3:22PM EDT1

Twitter is best for live feeds and events, kind of like I'm using it now. Twitter has it's own rules and tactics, and it's not like any other. Whether you tweet or message depends on your brand, your audience and your goal.

May 10, 3:58PM EDT0
How do you envision your business in the next five/ten years? Where would you like to be, professionally and personally?
May 10, 3:06PM EDT1

We are going to keep growing. I want to be able to support as many entrepreneurs and business owners as I can. Ultimately, I want to create a retreat for those escaping abuse. 

May 10, 3:55PM EDT0
As the CEO of your company, what do you think are your top priorities towards your staff and towards your clients? What is your work philosophy?
May 10, 1:37PM EDT1

We value integrity and honesty above all else. Sassy Lasses - we're straight-shooters, we will tell you what you need to know, not what would benefit us. This is the backbone of all business that we do. 

May 10, 2:29PM EDT0