How can I become a better people manager ? Ask Me Anything #ama #businessAMA

Bhavna Dalal
Feb 6, 2018

No matter what business you are in, you are always in the business of people. You have to work with clients, partners, team members and many other stakeholders. How do you get good at handling different types of people?

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Do you believe that high attrition or resignation rates are due to poor management? How must a manager deal with resignations?

Feb 9, 12:53PM EST0

What’s your take on work-life balance? Should employees be forced to go on vacation leaves?

Feb 9, 12:47PM EST1

How do you deal with employees who are frequently tardy or absent?

Feb 9, 3:40AM EST0

How would you give your employee creative freedom but make sure that they still stick to your vision without making them lose their spark? 

Feb 8, 8:50AM EST0

What is the best and most human way to fire an employee?

Feb 7, 10:42PM EST0

If you can ask them the right questions to get it out of them where they are failing and why they should be fired. Also extend you support to them after they lose their job in any way you can.

Feb 8, 4:47AM EST0

What's your management style? How do you think your staff describes you?

Feb 7, 9:13AM EST0

I delegate when possible, curious and caring.

Feb 7, 9:29AM EST0

You have been striving successfully in an extremely competitive Indian business market which has predominant male leaders/managers. Were you ever made to feel that you won't be able to make it big in the industry?

Feb 7, 8:42AM EST0

Yes absolutely. And still have to often. Faith in yourself and applying the leadership principles to your own self is the only way to do it. Also ask for help and support from whichever quater you get it from. Now things seem to be getting better because women leaders are the flavour of the season.

Feb 7, 8:46AM EST1

After all of these "Leadership Development Specialist, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Author, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Speaker" when do you get time for yourself and what do you like to do?

Feb 7, 4:26AM EST0

Coaching teaches you how to take time out for yourself and prioritise.

Feb 7, 4:45AM EST0

Call you tell about a situation where you made an incorrect conclusion. What factors led to it? Should a decision maker be right all the time?

Feb 6, 10:50AM EST0

Every decision maker tries their best to be right from their perspective. Sure. Many times in life I have made incorrect concusions and will continue to do so. When I look back at the decisions that went very right though, were those that were made by the heart and without fear. Staying back home to raise my kids was the best decision. It set my career back, however I could propel myself into a totally different career which is my calling only because I had a long break from my previous one.

Feb 6, 10:45PM EST0

Should a leader ask for forgiveness when hurting other people's emotion? Why or why not?

Feb 6, 10:48AM EST0

Any human being should ask for forgiveness. real leaders do that even more so. You have to understand that when you don't forgive you hurt your self the most because you are lugging around negative energy within yourself.

Feb 6, 10:40PM EST0

What non-monetary factors do you feel help motivate employees?

Feb 6, 10:36AM EST0

The biggest one is to understand what gives each individual joy. Often people themselves don't know it so it is hard for managers to figure that out. An open environment where they don't feel judged, feel free to make mistakes, ask questions is the best. They must feel cared for and valued.

Feb 6, 10:42PM EST0

What’s one thing a manager could do to make things easier for him/her and their team?

Feb 6, 9:37AM EST0

Open communication and really getting to know people

Feb 6, 10:29AM EST0

When faced with several options, none of which is sufficient to accomplish your goal, how do you decide with the option to pursue?

Feb 6, 1:15AM EST0

The way to look at it is see where it fits in achieving your long term goal and also the short term goal. There is a framework called MCDM or the multi criteria decision making you can look up on google which can be used. You could also use the 6 thinking hats methodology in such situations. Please do write if you want details on these two frameworks.

Feb 6, 5:38AM EST0

Have you ever managed a team where there was a strong disagreement between team members? How did you handle it?

Feb 6, 1:11AM EST0

Yes often. Hearing people out separately is very important. It is the charged emotions that cause problems. If they feel heard, only then are they open to any compromise or solution.

Feb 6, 1:14AM EST0

Who is the greatest leader you look up to, and why?

Feb 5, 11:01AM EST0

Anyone who can overcome their fears, and resonate with their true self is someone to look upto.

Feb 5, 11:32AM EST0

What successes and failures have you experienced when delegating parts of your job/a task to others?

Feb 5, 6:39AM EST0

Delegation is the most valuable tool you can use but often very diffuclt for most people to give away the control. Lots of successes which are obvious. Things not done the way you like is the failure, so something is really important to you then make sure you track the progress more closely.

Feb 5, 11:24AM EST0

What types of people are difficult to persuade? How do you motivate others?

Feb 5, 4:06AM EST0

You motivate others by understaning them and their needs, People who are able to hide their real selves or have wavering minds and no clarity are difficult to persuade.

Feb 5, 11:22AM EST0

When is it important to make a decision quickly? When should you take time to make a decision?

Feb 4, 6:49PM EST0

Crisis situations require quick decision making. Strategic long term decisions can take time. These days things are moving at such a fast pace that quicker decisions are needed more often than slower ones. More than looking at it as quick or slow decisions, it is important to think of it as making decisions from a calm state of mind. Being aware that it is important to take care of the emotions,beliefs and biases that may hinder a good decision. Have all the data with you and then bring that presence with whatever works best for you - be it a quick run, shower, meditation, talking to a trusted adviser etc.

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Feb 5, 4:24AM EST0

Describe an occasion when you encountered difficulties within a team you were managing?

Feb 4, 4:53PM EST0

Many occasions. People not getting along. Wanting credit for others work. 

Feb 4, 10:07PM EST0

Should you cultivate competition among members of the team? Is competition among co-workers a good thing?

Feb 1, 6:05PM EST0

Why not ? Competition and conflict when healthy are very productive. As a leader you need to manage it well. 

Feb 2, 12:13AM EST0