I am a serial entrepreneur who has helped over 7 million events get the exposure they need. Ask me anything!

Feb 5, 2018

Experiences are greater than things. This is the statement that has been the driving force behind everything that I do. My name is Kreg Peeler, and I am the Founder and CEO of SpinGo and Aktify, two innovative companies that are changing the attendee experience. SpinGo is an event engine that provides tailored solutions for events including ticketing, onsite badging, scheduling, and much more while Aktify is a customer acquisition engine that qualifies and reactivates prospects through goodwill experience marketing. Great companies aren’t built in a day. We’ve made tons of mistakes, done plenty of things wrong, but if I remove those from the story, then my companies wouldn’t be where they are today.

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Have you ever read any book written by another serial entrepreneur?

Feb 9, 12:38PM EST0

I really enjoyed:

-Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

-Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson

-Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

-Zero to One by Peter Theil

These books do a good job of revealing the suffering and success that entreprenuers must learn to manage personally.

Feb 9, 5:59PM EST0

If someone wants to be a serial entrepreneur, should he/she join a startup if they don't have to?

Feb 9, 7:45AM EST0

I used to wish I joined someone else's startup so I could have learned from "experts" before I jumped in and learned from my own mistakes. However, I'm not sure I would have launched my start-ups if I witnessed the difficulty up close beforehand.

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Feb 9, 5:53PM EST0

As an entrepreneur, how did you or do you still deal with procrastination?

Feb 9, 7:11AM EST0

Everyone procrastinates tasks they don't want to deal with. But I try to get them out of the way as quickly as possible. I prioritize based on who is waiting on tasks from me and which projects are most critical to moving our companies forward. Each day, I indentify 3 core objectives that I must acomplish to make that day a success. I fit all other small tasks around those 3.

Feb 9, 5:48PM EST0

As a serial entrepreneur how do choose projects that generate profits? Could you share the ideology and methods used, and any resources or useful materials to help with this?

Feb 9, 6:02AM EST0

We work to find solutions to problems that a large majority of our clients or potential clients face. We test our new products/features/initiatives with a few early clients and measure the success or failure.  

Feb 9, 5:44PM EST0

what are your thoughts on the African economy in relation to your businesses and do you see the possibility of working with individuals from that continent? 

Feb 7, 6:32AM EST0

Yes, I see great opportunities for Africa. I am inspired by companies like Pluralsight that are empowering people around the world to become proficent at a wide variety of technical skills. These platforms will globally democratize learning and enable a truely international workforce.

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Feb 9, 1:18AM EST0

Who are the main team members behind SpinGo and Aktify? Is there an overlap, as in are there people working on both projects or are they two separate teams?

Feb 6, 1:50PM EST0

SpinGo and Aktify are seperate companines with separate teams. The key people are featured at 



Feb 9, 1:12AM EST0

Can you share with us the most challenging event that SpinGo has handled so far?

Feb 6, 12:27PM EST0

The Las Vegas Foodie Fest.

They always have a large crowd of very hungry people (50,000+). The worst part is everything smells so good and we usually don't get time to eat.

Feb 9, 1:24AM EST0

Apart from Spin go and Aktify, have you started any other company?

Feb 6, 11:08AM EST0

Yes, several. 

1991: Selling avocados on a street corner at age 12.

1997: Audiovisual installation company for Space Camp.

1998: Video slideshow production company

2001: Spin Media Marketing, Inc. (Spin MMi), a creative production agency. 

2008: SpinGo, LLC. SpinGo version 1.0. We ran out of money, I had to put it on hold until...

2012: SpinGo Solutions, Inc. 

2017: Aktify, Inc.

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Feb 9, 1:09AM EST0

When do new ideas come to you the most and when are you feeling the most creative? Is it when you are in the shower, exercising, driving to work, at your desk or during some other activity?

Feb 6, 10:42AM EST0

When I'm focused, but not stressed. Often at 1:21 AM. 

Feb 9, 1:02AM EST0

You have mentioned that experiences are greater than things, so what kinds of experiences do you enjoy the most?

Feb 6, 8:21AM EST0

I truly enjoy large, open admission, fairs and festivals with live music. I love walking between areas of a large venue like a fairpark and seeing the variety of attractions, food, and entertainment. I prefer events where we can move around and experience variety, not sit in one seat. 

Feb 9, 1:01AM EST0

What keeps you motivated to preserve your thoughts and actions for the challenging role of a serial entrepreneurship role?

Feb 5, 9:05AM EST0

The fact I love what I’m doing. I love the people I work with and I love creating experiences for other people. If there is ever a day that I don’t love what I do, I have full power to change what I do. I do everything I can to empower my teams to take control of their work and contribute in ways that are important to them.

Often what keeps me going through the hard times is that I don’t want to let my teams down. My job is to give them the best possible environment for them to love their work.

Feb 5, 7:11PM EST0

My committment to:

1. The mission of creating better live experiences.

2. The SpinGo Team to create a great company to work for.

3. The SpinGo shareholders to provide a good return on their investments in SpinGo.

4. My family to provide the good life.

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Feb 9, 12:57AM EST0

How have your entrepreneurial motivations changes since you first started?

Feb 5, 6:35AM EST0

When I started in 2001 I wanted to produce movies that people loved. That has evolved into creating meaningful experiences that people love. I don’t remember the last 5 movies I watched, but I do remember the last 5 events I attended.

Feb 5, 7:12PM EST0

You describe yourself as a “serial entrepreneur”. Do you prefer doing many different kinds of things for different kinds of businesses as opposed to staying in one business?

Feb 5, 3:59AM EST0

For me everything revolves around creating positive experiences for other people. As long as I’m doing that I’m fulfilled. That said, I have hundreds of crazy business ideas, but you unlock the biggest opportunities by focusing your energy behind the best ideas at the right time.

Feb 5, 7:12PM EST0

What did you do before launching your own company How did you fund your business?

Feb 4, 7:20PM EST0

I was a sound designer for films. I worked on a variety of projects with a wide variety of director and producer personalities. This taught me how to be creatively dynamic and resourceful. It also taught me how to work crazy long hours and stay committed to a project until it is completed.

I funded my first business by working a day job for a studio and working freelance as a sound engineer, evenings and weekends. I put all my freelance earnings toward my business. Later I got some short-term loans from friends and family and paid them back within 18 months. Then I learned how to network and meet investors. It took me 6 years of pitching investors to raise my first round of institutional capital. I raised $10M for SpinGo.

Feb 5, 7:12PM EST0

What is it like to be a serial entrepreneur? Has the experience given you lot of exposure to understand the business minds and made you a better decision maker?

Feb 4, 6:46PM EST0

I’m always hungry. Hungry to learn, hungry to try new things, hungry to create something that doesn’t yet exist. For me being a serial entrepreneur means to never quit and always be fully committed to finding the best possible solution for real problems.

As for making decisions, I have learned that decision making is more of a series of events rather than a single moment in time. I have learned to never hesitate because of a lack of information. Gather as much data as you can, then jump in. You don’t learn to swim by reading a book. You learn by jumping in and asking for help as you need it.

Feb 5, 7:12PM EST0

Share some of your failures as an entrepreneur and the best lessons you have learned from them?

Feb 4, 10:56AM EST0

I have been rejected by thousands of investors and thousands of potential clients. Those are my biggest failures. Failure is the best teacher. If you stay open minded and humble you will learn from each failure and rejection, but you also have to stay firmly committed to your core vision and not let anything dissuade you.

Feb 5, 7:13PM EST0

What was the worst job you have ever had and what did you learn from it?

Feb 4, 5:18AM EST0

At 17, I had a job putting new barcodes over old barcodes on children’s books, one sticker. at. a. time. It tore the skin off my thumbs and sucked the life out of me. The worst part was everyone I was surrounded by was in their career. I quit after a week and vowed to never work a repetitive job again. I work hard to make sure every day is different, I avoid a daily routine like I avoid the DMV. Routines are for robots. Progression is for people.

Feb 5, 7:13PM EST0
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After working for numerous events and being the founder two innovative companies, you’re obviously a successful entrepreneur. How did that career come about?

Feb 4, 2:09AM EST0

Understanding when to quit and when to persevere. I quit when something is holding me back. I push forward when it is uncomfortable, hard, or scary. Two examples: I dropped out of college because I was making more money than my professors and I had more clients than I could serve. I asked if having a degree would make me any better at my job. The answer was no. That said, I’m glad my doctor, lawyer, and accountant didn’t quit college.

On the other hand, I persevered when trying to raise capital for SpinGo. No matter how tired, discouraged, or rejected I felt, I continued to push forward.

Feb 5, 7:13PM EST0

How do you give yourself jumpstart in the creativity field when you find yourself stalled on a project?

Feb 4, 12:03AM EST0

I get a change of scenery and perspective. I get up, move to a nearby, crowded university, hotel, or restaurant, sit down and people watch for a while. Then I open my notebook and try again.

Feb 5, 7:14PM EST0

What does a usual day in your life consist of? How often do you get time for your ownself?

Feb 3, 9:40PM EST0

I don’t have a usual day. I try really hard to make every day different. I don’t wake up at the same time each day. Sometimes I eat breakfast, sometimes I don’t and I eat an early lunch instead. Sometimes I Uber or ride my bike to work, sometimes I work from home. I don’t like working at the same desk everyday. I try to batch my tasks. Email for a few hours, creative tasks for a few hours, meetings with my teams on Mondays, clients on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. After meetings I try to block out time for myself to decompress and think about what I just learned and how to apply it. All that said, I do try to follow this schedule from 8-6p is work time, 6-8p is time with my kids, from 8-10p is my time to work and strategize, and 10p-1a is my time with my girlfriend (aka wife).

Feb 5, 7:14PM EST0