I am Daniel Nyiri CEO of 4U Fitness. I am a fitness professional and best selling author. We developed a high tech invention that allows you to get a 3 hour workout in just 20 minutes. Ask Me Anything!

Daniel Nyiri
Feb 17, 2018

We were voted as the Best Gym, Best Personal trainers & Most Innovative company in the entire Bay Area. You may have also seen us in Men’s Journal, Business Journal, Entrepreneur magazine or on the hit TV show “The Doctors” and in the movie Generation Iron 2 which was in theaters last summer and now available on Netflix! 

Currently we have been busy working towards preventing muscle atrophy so NASA can get our astronauts to safely colonize Mars. You can follow our research live starting in March! 

I came to the U.S. about 7 years ago with $150 in my pocket not speaking english by myself with a big dream of putting a stop on obesity! 

During my journey i wrote a best selling book on how to work on your business instead of in your business. You can can get a free smaple here!

My website: www.4u-fitness.com

You can also follow the Entrepreneur Journey on Youtube here.

Please ask me anything! I am here to help! 


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Are there new projects you are exciting about working on?

Feb 22, 8:07AM EST0

What is your best quality that separates you as an enterpreneur?

Feb 21, 8:09PM EST0

Who is your biggest idol?

Feb 21, 12:53PM EST0

I havea  few. In different categories. Leadership, courage.... Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney just to name a few. 

Feb 21, 4:09PM EST0

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Feb 21, 12:36PM EST0

Giving back. It's more like the feeling that i came to this country without knowing anyone, without having any money and to able to actually create jobs! 

Feb 21, 4:09PM EST0

Are you operating only in US?

Feb 21, 7:12AM EST0

For now! 

Feb 21, 4:09PM EST1

what did it feel like when you first arrived in a foreign country not knowing the language? were you anxious?

Feb 18, 1:01PM EST0

I love challenges. So it was actually very exciting time for me. I was young too. So i didnt think of it as much .It sucked for a while but it all worked out. 

Feb 20, 6:02PM EST0

How do you promote 4U Fitness? What marketing strategies do you use?

Feb 18, 1:01PM EST0

Testimonials and Social Media: Snapchat, Insta, FB, Youtube. Mainly 

Feb 20, 6:02PM EST0

You mentioned that you are featured in a movie that was in theaters and now Netflix! How does it feel, to be so famous?

Feb 18, 1:01PM EST0

HAHA! I wouldnt say i am famous at all. At least not yet. However i would like to be remebered for all the great things i have added as a value to this world and not about the movies i was in. 

Feb 20, 6:03PM EST0

Who is your biggest source of support?

Feb 18, 12:18PM EST0

My wife. And my employees, my COO, my mentors! Who are always there for me. The ones who really put in the work when we really need it they are there for you in good and bad. Most people only want to participate in the good. So the bad times are the real tests for your friends and team mates. 

Feb 20, 6:05PM EST0

What do you do to promote your book?  

Feb 18, 11:05AM EST0

I don't really promote it honestly. I had an amazing book launch you can watch the video here i had tons of people show up and sold couple hundread right there and on amazon at the same time through social media. I have only sold a few thousands of books and all around the same time.  I am more then happy to hear from you if that is your specialty! Here is my book launch party! Click Here! 

Feb 20, 6:07PM EST0

Why did you decide to work in that field, what was the idea behind the big dream to fight obesity?

Feb 17, 1:02PM EST0

Every 90 seconds one person dies from obesity and i lost my grandparents to it. So i do not want to see another grandson to feel the loss that i did. I was very close to my grandparents. And i felt misarable that they could be still alive if knew what i know now! They were only in their early 60s. 

Then i saw the craziness that is going on in the health, fitness and supplement industry and it gave me a life mission. 

Feb 17, 1:05PM EST0

How did you learn how to speak English fluently when you came to America?

Feb 17, 12:58PM EST0

From movies, and from asking people to explain words to me. Then i started to read lots of books which was very tough at first! I also cut out about 90% of comunication in my native language until i started to think in english. 

Feb 17, 1:02PM EST0

What are the target muscles or body areas of your 20-minute workout?

Feb 17, 11:44AM EST0

It is a full body workout combined with compound movements. 

Feb 17, 1:03PM EST0

If you become successful with the NASA project, would you consider going to Mars with the astronauts?

Feb 17, 10:40AM EST0

Thats a great question! Honestly i would love too! But have to make sure we are hitting our goals on Earth as well. That would have to be a project when i can be absent. Or it would be more important for me to go there then stay here. Right now it would take a long time to travel there and back. Technology has to improve first. 

Feb 17, 10:45AM EST0

Is your 20-minute workout safe and doable even for beginners?

Feb 17, 5:54AM EST0

Yes, It is the only full body electric muscle stimulation device cleared by FDA. We have never had an injury before. Our programs are customized. So when you come in and want to try our workouts we wont let you! you cant just jump into it. We first put you through a consultations then on a full body assesment and strength test all for free to make sure we can help you and this is for you! 

And then we build the perfect plan for you.

Feb 17, 10:47AM EST0

How is it possible to work out in just 20 minutes but get the same effects of a 3-hour workout?

Feb 16, 9:37PM EST0

We developed a workout solution that allows you to have over 36.000 muscle contractions during just 20 minutes. It stimulates about 80-90% of your muscle fibers which is impossible with convetional training. 

Here is one of our workout video!

Feb 17, 10:48AM EST0

Why did you choose to get into fitness as a career?

Feb 16, 5:39PM EST0

I used to play hockey professionaly, which was pretty short lived because of an injury... Then both my grandparents died due to obesity. I was pretty depressed and did not know what to do until i realised how much i did not know about nutrition and working out. So i educate myself and decided to get involved. That is when i learned that the Fitness Industry lies, and most gyms are just after your money and they do not care about their clients and neither their employees/Contractors... So i decided i am going to revolutionize the fitness indsutry! 

Feb 16, 6:34PM EST0

What are your thoughts about today’s popular diets like ketogenic?

Feb 16, 3:39AM EST0

As long as there is research to back it up i am good with it. I like keto. However i am not on it. I follow Intermittent Fasting most of the time and i fast from Sunday evening till tuesday 1 pm. That is when i eat again after my workout. This way i am laser focused on monday no slowing down! 

It is very important that people research any diet before they start and test on themselves if its even working for them. 

Feb 16, 6:36PM EST0

What are some of the best tips you can share with beginners who would like to lose weight while working out?

Feb 15, 9:04PM EST0

The #1 is to do not take advise from people who are not professionals. So often especially on social media people giving out "free" advise that will end up cost you way more! Be aware and do your own research! You must educate yourself at some point about health and fitness. I highly recommend to seek out a good coach just to get started. Make sure you do read up on reviwes and ask tons of questions. 

Then have a very clear goal and stick to it! You must picture yourself and make it emotional how you are going to look, feel and act once you reach it and every night you MUST go to sleep as the new person you want to become. If you are over weight and your goal is to become fit then you must go to sleep as the fit person! And you must pick up the habits of a fit person! You must act like one! 

Feb 16, 6:40PM EST0

How did you go about publishing your book? Do you work with publishers?

Feb 14, 1:49PM EST0

I had different options on going with a publisher or self publish! However after reviewing my options it turned out to be better for me to go with self. That is because i always think with the end in mind! Its a long story but 3 more books are coming out very soon and they are all connected plus we would like to start our own publishing company! 

Feb 16, 6:41PM EST0

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