I am the co-founder and CEO of a used car marketplace APP called Hiveel, where car shoppers and sellers can transact with trust. AMA.

Jan 20, 2018

Hive, a used car marketplace that makes used car buying and selling much more comfortable and safer than ever before. We have an auto expert team and accurate algorithm to pre-screen all the vehicles and provide the analysis result/data to buyers, with the detailed reports presented to all of you. We even offer a built-in instant message system to connect buyers and sellers, to start the conservation, is the first step of a successful transaction. Heel - Your Trusted Used Car Marketplace!

• Sell your car on Hiveel only take 30 seconds (3 simple steps)

• Download Hive and get your free vehicle history reports online. 

• With both built-in algorithm and auto experts manually review to ensure the best vehicle quality listed on Heel. 

• Instant message function provides the privacy of buyers and sellers. 

• Recommend top rating certificated vehicle inspection locations near you. 

• Help you to ensure the authentication of the checks you received from your buyers.

• Concise UI design helps you to quickly understand all the fantastic functions and find your dream car.

• Built-in used car private party value check, quick and straightforward.

• Lastly and most importantly, Heel is always FREE (NO hidden fees) to buyers and sellers, no matter what feature you use in our App, we WILL NOT charge a penny. 

• Our mission is to make our App better to serve all used car shoppers.

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How do you prevent your team from building too much before they release a feature to the public?

Jan 26, 8:39AM EST0

What is your work routine like? :)

Jan 22, 11:14AM EST0

Hi Daniel, I work like 14 to 16 hours a day, since I owned 2 companies, I even work on weekends.

Jan 22, 1:19PM EST0
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Do you disclose any defect in the car, either visible or invisible? Why do most used car sellers always indicate “excellent” at this point?

Jan 20, 11:13PM EST0

Do most cars have recent repairs? Can you tell us if you have service records?

Jan 20, 8:26PM EST0

Most cars will have services records as long as their cars performed services at dealerships or certified service centers.

Jan 22, 1:20PM EST0

Do you disclose any defect in the car, either visible or invisible? Why do most used car sellers always indicate “excellent” at this point?

Jan 20, 7:58PM EST0

Do most cars have recent repairs? Can you tell us if you have service records?

Jan 20, 7:52PM EST0

Are you always in a hurry to sell the car? When should a car be sold urgently for a lesser amount?

Jan 20, 7:43PM EST0

When you need urgent cash 

Jan 22, 1:21PM EST0

Should one buy now from you, or wait until next year? What is the trend in your prices?

Jan 20, 6:47PM EST0

Again, we are not a dealership, but just a marketplace app, you can pick any cars you want from our APP and contact the sellers. 

Jan 22, 1:22PM EST0

Is the price of the cars negotiable? What is the bottom-line price?

Jan 20, 6:34PM EST0

Check market value before reach out for negotiation.  

Jan 22, 1:22PM EST0

How good is the paint on the car? How do you improve on this with time?

Jan 20, 5:18PM EST0

How new are the tires? Do you still have the receipts and the warranty?

Jan 20, 5:06PM EST0

How is the body condition of the cars? Has any car been in an accident? Is there any trust?

Jan 20, 4:41PM EST0

How long have most cars been on the market? What shows? Do you consider this in the cost of the car?

Jan 20, 4:22PM EST0

Do most of your customer's trade-in or buy privately?

Jan 20, 4:18PM EST0

buy privately

Jan 22, 1:28PM EST0

If the car is certified, can one see the mechanic’s pre-certification inspection?

Jan 20, 4:13PM EST0

How often do you have a mechanical look at the car since you put it on the market? What if a customer opts to have his mechanic to look it over?

Jan 20, 4:01PM EST0

Where do you get most of your used cars?

Jan 20, 12:24PM EST0

we're a free used car marketplace app, people just list their car here for sell.

Jan 22, 1:29PM EST0

Do you own the car outright, or is there still money owed on it? What is the possibility of removing the lien if there is still money owed on it?

Jan 20, 11:50AM EST0

How much information do you provide to the customers on the ownership of the car?

Jan 20, 8:07AM EST0

What does the dealership perform on the used car after acquiring it?

Jan 19, 8:48PM EST0

Inspect the car, make sure the mechanical parts are fine and resellable, possbilly fix all the dents and scratches.

Jan 19, 8:49PM EST0

What's the worst case scenario you've ever experienced so far?

Jan 27, 6:04AM EST0

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