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Jones Maleka
Apr 10, 2018

-Jones Maleka is the Founder of Jones for Change General, Chain Store Accredited by National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and FUNDI Capital PTY (LTD) in 2012 to date.

- He has been featured in three TV shows of South African Community Developer: Hero on SABC 1 - Field Researcher of SABC 2 Shows - Media Personality. At the age of 16 year he was employed by SABC Thobela FM as Radio actor for SABC Education Drama: Ispecial Part 2. 

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-In 2015, he obtained Bachelor’s Degree in Development Planning and Management (Development Studies) at University of Limpopo- Computer Literacy Certificate (University of Limpopo)

- In 2017, he obtained Bachelor's Degree in Ministry Leadership/Pastoral issued under the seal of the USA Christian Family Church International Bible College.

- In 2018, he obtained Masters Degree in Ministry Leadership/Pastoral issued under the seal of the USA Christian Family Church International Bible College.

- His passion for business started as a young boy selling snacks when he was in Grade 4. By the time he was in Grade 5 he had already started creating employment by recruiting a friend who was in the same grade to sell for him in return for pocket money. In high school he found a niche for selling airtime, starter packs and also worked as a photographer. Business is what I am passionate about. To make a difference in the economy of South Africa by creating employment worldwide and to plough back to the community.

His favourite Quotes:

- Faith without action is dead

- You shall have what you say

For Business proposals, Sponsorship, Media Press & invitations, contact me via e: 


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How do your religious beliefs influence and affect your decision making? What is your favorite Cristian inspirational quote?
Apr 14, 2:37AM EDT1


My relationship with Jesus Christ affects my decisions because I believe that sustainble success it is based in the Word of the Lord. Any decision that I have to take it should be in line with the Word of the Lord since the Bible has everything I need to be succesful. Moreover God's will has to prevail in my life.  "We may make a lot of plans, but the LORD will do what He has decided."- Psalm 19:21 CEV

My favorite quote is Mark 11:23:

"I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, 'May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,' and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart." - NLT

Hebrews 11:1: "Now faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed), and the evidence of things not seen [the conviction of their reality—faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses."

In that regard, we have to speak what we believe because the Word of God says that we shall have what we say. 

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Apr 16, 7:28PM EDT0
If you were starting your company today, what shorter name would you choose for your company and why?
Apr 14, 2:15AM EDT1
You are encouraging University graduates to start their own companies, but what would happen if everyone becomes an entrepreneur? `Who would be employees?
Apr 13, 3:58PM EDT0


It cannot happen that everyone would become entrepreneur. First of all, not all students attend my seminars, it is not even 30% of students interested about entrepreneurial subjects. Secondly not everyone one who attend my seminar has passion to embark on entrepreneurial journey, however I have to spread the message of encouragement to large number of the students. I speak to the students I am like a sower, my words are seeds and student's heart is like a soil. When I speak to them I am busy sprinkling the seeds, some of the seeds will fall on the wayside soil, some will fall on the thorny soil, some will fall on sandy soil and some will fall on the fertile ground.

You can see that there is no way all students could become entrepreneurs.

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Apr 16, 7:46PM EDT1
You’ve mentioned you want to change the mindsets of University graduates. What are the best ways to cultivate a positive mindset?
Apr 13, 6:14AM EDT0

The best way to cultivate postive mindset, it's through inspirations from cultivated mindsets. Get people who have walked the journey to speak to those are aspiring to become great. 

Apr 16, 8:25PM EDT0
What does the term media personality mean to you and what are some of the obligations you have to your audience as a result?
Apr 12, 10:13AM EDT0


It means that, it is a person who actively involved in media, and such person uses his name to appeal to the audiences as a results people would associate me with particular channel or name of a show. My audiences get inspired to hear about me and to learn from my life as an open book.

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Apr 16, 8:00PM EDT0
Considering your position of influence and authority in the country, what have been some of the initiatives you have undertaken to reduce the unemployment rate of university graduates?
Apr 11, 7:25AM EDT1


I am embarking on a journey to help and change the mindsets of University graduates by living a life that they would learn and be inspired to do what I am doing. 

There's this saying, no matter how a parent teach his/her child how to live, the child will keep on insisting to behave like his/her parent.

I am an Entrepreneur with 3 degrees, and I believe that the knowledge that I have acquired will help me run my company effectively and to create more jobs even for University Students: business managers, auditors and project managers will get employed in my company. 

I am mentoring University graduates to start their own companies and they get motivation, I register companies for them with competitive price I also help them with business profiles and business plans to get funding from National Youth Development Agency: NYDA Grant (Youth Funder). 

I do speak to young people in Schools and Churches. 

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Apr 11, 5:12PM EDT0
What are your responses regarding the allegations of the South African government's control and censorship of SABC news?
Apr 11, 6:54AM EDT1

Hello RUDI😊

SABC is a public broadcaster, it has its own vision and mission statements contrary to other broadcasters. It has to deliver to the public what is important for the public, e.g. it has programs for various South African tribes and for children, etc, there is no enough time or slots to cover other things. 

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Apr 11, 6:08PM EDT0
In light of the recent tax increase within South Africa, what are your opinions regarding its necessity and how does this increase affect the capabilities of NSFAS to fund students?
Apr 11, 5:11AM EDT1


The government has taken the best initiative to increase VAT with 1%, the government does not have its own money. It gets money from tax revenues, major injectors of tax revenues are as follow: Individual income tax and Corporate Income tax.

NSFAS gets funds from tax revenues, students who are coming from disadvantage families could not be able to further their studies at University or Colleges, some would drop out in the middle of their studies at University, some would not graduate because of their outstanding fees. 

Now free education is existing because there will be enough money for University and College Students as a result of increase of tax. 

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Apr 11, 5:55PM EDT0
What are the specific criteria required by a student to gain funding through NSFAS?
Apr 10, 7:25PM EDT1


You may apply for a NSFAS loan if you are

  • a South African student studying at a public South African higher education institution.
  • an undergraduate student studying towards a first higher education qualification.
  • studying towards a postgraduate qualification which is a requirement to practise in a chosen profession (eg Postgraduate Certificate in Education).
  • studying towards any postgraduate qualification except the MBA, the MBL, the DBA or the DBL.
  • able to demonstrate potential for academic success and that you are financially needy.
  • The size of this bursary is determined by the number of modules which the student has passed. A 100% pass rate will result in a 40% bursary rebate on this NSFAS loan.

Who can apply for NSFAS?

The threshold to qualify for NSFAS assistance has been increased from R122 000 to R350 000, this only applies to new students (not returning students) in 2018. The extended funding (for a returning student with a combined annual household income of less than R350 000) will be phased in over the next five years.

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Apr 10, 7:46PM EDT0
If you could change one thing about any of your business ventures what would it be and why?
Apr 10, 6:11PM EDT1

Hello OLJKA91 😊

I would shorten my Company name. It is every long 

Apr 11, 4:39AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on the Fees Must Fall campaign?
Apr 10, 3:32PM EDT1


Fees Must Fall campaign is good for my Company, demand is high already. 

Students who couldn't afford to study at University or College will have a privilege to further their studies and they will also have money to buy food and books however it is one of the activities that caused Value Added Tax to increase by 1%, since I was born it was the first time I hear that VAT is 15%. 

Consumers would complain about high prices but they have to know that someone's loss is someone's gain. 

No one will have an excuse of not going to school, varsity or college due to lack of fees. 

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Apr 10, 3:53PM EDT0
What has been the average repayment rate of students who have taken loans with NSFAS?
Apr 10, 12:38PM EDT1


NSFAS Chairperson Sizwe Nxasana told journalists they were still owed R21bn in loans and of that they had recovered over R200m. Half this debt came from current students, while the other half came from beneficiaries in the job market. 

It ‎also collected R8.5m from 12 000 first time payers.

Apr 10, 4:17PM EDT0
Do you a business philosophy? What is it?
Apr 10, 7:44AM EDT1


Yes, To be a leading service provider accross the the globe. 

(Where there is no vision people perish)

Mission with nine aspects of mission statement:- To create employment opportunities for young people in the community and thus helping in the fight against poverty, to provide our customers best products and services of high quality, to ensure that the staff members of the company are trained, to strive to enhance a good name of the company through providing services and products which are best for ever. Best for ever is the slogan of the business. To ensure that the business improve members of community through participating in social responsibility which will attract customers and investors.

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Apr 10, 8:42AM EDT0
What are some of the recent restrictions and rules that have been applied to NSFAS and why were these revisions made?
Apr 10, 2:55AM EDT1


I don't know of any restrictions applied to NSFAS, instead it has ensured that there would be no student who can't make it to university/college due to lack of fees. 

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Apr 10, 8:36AM EDT0
What legacy would you want to leave your country with?
Apr 10, 1:30AM EDT1


Succession Plan and its fruits, Sustainable Companies: that will be running by my successors and subordinates: Passing of the baton from generation to another. My company is an asset for South African Economy, it create jobs, injects cash through taxes, and makes a difference in community through Corporate Social Responsibility.

My mentees and followers who will be driven by my business principles to make a difference in people's lives, Country's economic growth. 

A great legacy is not buildings. If there is no succession plan for such business/ company, it might follow the owner to the grave: It could liquidate due to mismanagement. 

"Our ability as leaders will not be measured by the buildings we build, or institutions we established. We will be judged by how well the people we invested in carried on after we are gone." - Dr John Maxwell

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Apr 10, 2:39AM EDT0
What are some of the failures in life that motivated you to pursue your goals even more?
Apr 9, 8:01PM EDT1

Hello LEIRB😊

Failure to get funds to run my company and to maintain my business bank accounts. 

I knew that was a test to show whether I believed in my business ideas or not. I could have quit if I did not believe in my vision. 

Eagles love the storm. When clouds gather, the eagles get excited. The eagle uses the storm’s wind to lift it higher. Once it finds the wind of the storm, the eagles uses the raging storm to lift him above the clouds. This gives the eagle an opportunity to glide and rest its wings. In the meantime, all the other birds hide in the leaves and branches of the trees.

In that regard, I have learnt to come up with strategies that would attract investors to believe in my vision. 

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Apr 10, 3:19AM EDT0
Who are some of your role model in business?
Apr 9, 8:03AM EDT1


My role Models are business owners who are running international sustainable businesses: The owners of Shopping malls, franchises (Pick n Pay, Shoprite, etc). I follow number of business magnates in order to have more insights about their Companies, backgrounds, Challenges, business strategies, etc, since they come from different backgrounds, some they have inherited and some started from the skretch. 

Just to name the few:

Dr. Richard Maponya: The entrepreneur, who built the iconic Maponya Mall in Soweto.

“Government should play a major role in empowering emerging young black entrepreneurs because they have the power to do so.” - Dr. Richard Maponya.

Raymond Ackerman 

"Built an empire from the simple philosophy that if you look after the community, the community will look after you." - Raymond Ackerman

" I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Thomas A. Edison

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Apr 10, 1:55AM EDT0
How have your two Degrees helped you to enhance your business success ?
Apr 9, 4:31AM EDT1


I am applying what have learnt at varsity and College on my day to day business duties. Through proper planning and Management my business is improving day by day. 

Apr 10, 3:43AM EDT0
Do you get recognized by people, and how does it feel to be widely known?
Apr 9, 2:16AM EDT1

Hello KSENIA25😊

I get recognized by people by impact that I am making in their lives: motivating them to pursue their dreams, they learn from my determination, hard work, attitude towards failure. 

It feels exciting and encouraging to be widely known. I get to hear what people love about my work, how I can help them to reach their goals and how they can help me to advance in what I would be doing. 

There is always someone somewhere whom I dont know, such person would be my destiny helper, customer, business partner, Sponsor. To be known is a great thing that would make your dreams come true.  

“ Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does."

To be widely known is part of marketing. 

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Apr 10, 2:58AM EDT0
What is Jones for Change General all about? How did you come up with the name?
Apr 8, 11:22AM EDT1


Jones for Change General: Chain Store is a Corporation that was founded by me in 2010 while I was doing grade 12. 

It's an accredited: Official merchant of National Student Financial Aid Scheme and FUNDI Capital (Pty) Ltd. 

It's a bookstore  and food outlet: Restaurant for University Students accross South Africa. It's caters University Students and College Students who are sponsored by NSFAS and Private Companies. That partnership makes Jones for Change General to generate high income. Jones for Change General Books and Jones for Change General Food, are categories that are designed for Universities and Colleges.

There are 14 business activities registered under Jones For Change General: 

catering, cleaning, waste removal, accommodation, clothing, electricity, transport, plumbing, car wash, stationery, computers, security, construction and general services.

I got that name from my mentor: a pastor. I had asked him to propose 5 company names on my behalf. Jones for Change General is aiming to bring transformation: render splendid services for its clients.

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Apr 8, 12:09PM EDT0

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