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Bulldog Adjusters
Feb 4, 2018

Aaron Singer and Vince Lefton built Bulldog Adjusters from the ground up. For the first year they were walking door to door. Two 21 year olds starting a business during the economic crisis meant that many homes were going through foreclosure. After 6 months of working on each claim, many times their fees never be monotized. Yet, they found solutions and persisted. 

Now, the company is a multimillion dollar corporation. As newlywed entrepreneurs, they faced having to tell their young wives that they had to commit long hours to the office, often pulling 14 hour days. Aaron wouldn't be able to take his wife on a honeymoon. Now, 9 short years later, they finally took their first family vacation. 

Vince and Aaron have created a place for Bulldog Adjusters in the minds of Florida homeowners by their commitment to 2 things: honesty and picking up the phone, every single time.

Bulldog Adjusters says:

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Does your work involve task of too much negotiation with the insurance companies? Does it ever get one-sided?

Feb 16, 5:34PM EST0

Who came up with the name "Bull Dog Adjuster"?

Feb 16, 3:54PM EST0

If not this field, what do you think you would be doing otherwise?

Feb 16, 10:39AM EST0

When you offer Free inspection to the users, what type of inspection is conducted?

Feb 16, 2:13AM EST0

How can a person appeal for a denied home insurance claim?

Feb 9, 7:15AM EST0

Call Bulldog Adjusters for a free inspectioin. We're the ony adjusters who use high performance drones to take HD images of your property damage.

Feb 14, 10:23AM EST0

Can someone be a part-time public adjuster or do some related work for a company?

Feb 9, 6:04AM EST0

Yes, I just don't think they'd be very successful. That's with anything. It's hard to be successful if you're only committing part-time. 

Feb 14, 10:22AM EST0

How can another company overtake you in the business? 

Feb 8, 9:11AM EST0

Execute better than I am. 

Feb 8, 11:00AM EST0

Are there better or worse states when it comes to having a claim? If so, why?

Feb 6, 10:45AM EST0

We only operate in the state of Florida so I don't have data on the trends in other states. I would venture to guess that it's easier in other states that don't have as many natural disasters as does Florida.

Feb 7, 9:00AM EST0

How can someone decide if a particular public adjuster is the best choice for help after they had a fire in their home or business?

Feb 6, 10:41AM EST0

Ask yourself, "Do you feel comfortable with them? How long has s/he been in business?" Ask how they process claims. At Bulldog Adjusters, we have a tried and true process with in-house estimators and claims processors to streamline the process while keeping you informed.

Last edited @ Feb 7, 9:03AM EST.
Feb 7, 9:01AM EST0

Can you give us an example of a case where advance planning would have greatly benefited the client?

Feb 6, 8:09AM EST0

The point of insurance is coverage in the case of accidental or catastrophic incidences. However, having photos of your home before any damage occurs is good advanced planning. 

Feb 7, 9:05AM EST0

How would you bring new innovations to your company to stay a step ahead of your competitors?

Feb 6, 1:19AM EST1

We're constantly auditing ourselves for where we are and where we want to be. 

Feb 7, 9:06AM EST0

Do you have any advice for someone who would like to handle their claim on their own?

Feb 5, 6:36AM EST1

Stay on top of your insurance company and make sure that you read over all of your documents thoroughly. Don't sign anything that you're not completely sure about. Know that you are entitled to the funds that will allow you to restore your property to pre-loss conditions, so make sure to cross your T's and dot your I's.

Feb 5, 2:05PM EST1

Do you consider yourself a workaholic? Do you have hobbies you like to pursue when you are not working?

Feb 5, 6:25AM EST1

No, the terminology 'workaholic' has a negative connotation. It entails that lack of pupose or motivation to work. I love what I'm doing and I love the grind. My main hobby is building businesses.

Feb 5, 3:37PM EST0

Do you feel hiring public adjusters early in the process helps streamline the claim process even if someone is working with a good home insurance company?

Feb 5, 3:37AM EST0

There aren't any good home insurance companies. There's only less terrible ones. But yes, it does streamline it. 

Feb 5, 3:38PM EST0

For someone who doesn't know what public adjusters do, could you tell what's the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance company adjuster?

Feb 5, 3:13AM EST0

Yes. A public adjuster works for the homeowner to make sure that you're getting what you're rightfully owed by your insurance company for your damages. An insurance company adjuster represents the insurance company in order to make sure than their bottom line is being upheld.

Feb 5, 3:40PM EST0

What is the one factor that kept you in the business?

Feb 4, 8:16PM EST0

Outworking everyone.

Feb 5, 3:41PM EST0

How did your wife support your business? How significant was her support?

Feb 4, 6:43PM EST0

Without my wife, I couldn't work as much as I do. She's the pillar of my houehold. Without her, I'm nothing.

Feb 5, 3:43PM EST0

What was it like starting a business at the young age? What according to you is the right age to start a business?

Feb 4, 1:54PM EST1

We took a lot of losses but we learned from them and grew. There's not a right age or time to start a business. It's the maturity to know that you're going to have to put in the work. If you're not willing to put in the work, you're not ready to start a business.

Feb 4, 2:00PM EST0

Who other than your wife supported you through your business?

Feb 4, 10:54AM EST0

My family, my parents and of course, Aaron Singer, my partner. 

Feb 4, 1:02PM EST0

Who are your key clients? How do you pitch them for your business?

Feb 4, 5:14AM EST1

Homeowners with damage who are struggling with thier insurance companies. I pitch them by saying, "I'm here to help. We've been doing this for 9 years and we consistently get homeowners the maximum settlement."

Feb 4, 1:01PM EST0

Is this approach working? I mean, do they ask for certain proof or guarantee?

Feb 7, 6:08PM EST0

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