Dagmawi Belay

CEO of internet used car platform Carcela.com


CEO of internet used car platform Carcela.com

At 15, I was already crafting together self-researched papers, preparing for academia before deciding to found my first startup at 16. University beckoned but I decided to launch Hiddier in 2012, one year before I expected to study at Cambridge University.

Upon my first professional pursuit, I sought out some of the greatest minds in aerospace and spatial verticals to assist in the growth of Hiddier.

Hiddier, still in operation though under an undisclosed name, was acquired in 2014 by a government firm for $192million.

After a few exploratory years with a few startups, I came to cofound what is now known as Carcela. I believe that we are at the foothill of ushering in a new age of commerce.

M-commerce is set to become the next big trend and the opportunity lies for a company to become the Amazon of mobile.

I truly believe Carcela is tackling the big ticket item, by bypassing the trend of e-commerce for vehicles and bringing it straight to a digital age via m-commerce.

One of the major characteristics of Carcela that is the ability for consumers to sell and buy their car from the comfort of the own home, bypassing the need to go to dealerships to test drive.